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Marking Your Territory on Game Drives

So you are out on a game drive and nature is calling. What do you do? It's going to happen. There are no public bathrooms in the bush so don't expect to drive to a rest area or Bucky's to relieve yourself. Instead, inform your guide/driver that you need to go. We like to have some fun with this. Say, "I need to check the tires" or "I would like to mark my territory." Let your driver know how urgently your need is as well. Say, "it's not urgent but when you have the opportunity to stop, I need to check the tires." or "It's quite urgent that I mark my territory." The guide will stop in a safe area i.e. one not next to a place a lion or leopard could be hiding. It is usually in an open area on the road. You will jump out and go behind the vehicle. If more than one person of opposite sexes needs to go, the men may go first and then the women or visa versa. At some point in a morning game drive, we will stop for coffee or a bush breakfast. The guides will have picked a safe area and will check to make sure there are no animals near. They will designate a place with some privacy for you go to the restroom. The guides will have toilet paper and tissues in the vehicles. Hopefully, number two's can wait until we return to camp. But, don't be embarrassed or worried if that can't wait. Just find a private area to go and cover your tracks with rocks or dirt (including the used TP.)

Speaking of going number two, did you know hippos will use their tails like a helicopter blade and spread their dung as they poop. This is a way to mark their territory and is also a sign of aggression toward other hippos.

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